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Twitch chat reader TTS

Twitch Reader

The application displays Twitch chat and read it by the TTS lector. It has play & pause control, the possibility of playing mp3 emots, has protection against spam and the possibility of banning trolls :). Reader is easy to use and does not require any passwords. Just enter username - You will be able to use it right away! This version is discontinued. Try new Krystyna app.

Select TTS language
Choose the same language, that people use in the chat window on selected Twitch stream.


Enter number from 0 to 9 to adjust volume of TTS reading. Default setting is 7.

Twitch channel name*
Use channel name from Twitch stream.


Subscribers only in TTS
If this option is checked, TTS will read subscribers only.
Play mp3 emotes only
Play emots mp3 only, without chat. Note that only few users have them emots in mp3. So it may not work for You.

Demo mode
Reads non-subscribers and change in funny ways from 1 to 3 random words if string has more than 60 characters.

Alternative demo
Reads first words of non-subscribers and cuts after 10 words with funny ending.

Less SPAM mode
If this option is checked, the script will not read if someone repeats phrase 5 times or more and shortens the maximum number of characters that will read to about 250.

TTS directly in OBS link
Option for TTS directly in OBS. Do not use it, when You have many scenes in OBS - it can cause to double voice effect ect. It is not recommended. Use independent TTS in this internet browser window instead.

Manage banned users
Place when You can add trolls excluded from TTS reading - You may also put custom messages when they write.

New features

  • Added OBS graphical status. Shows other graphics depending on whether the TTS system is turned off, turned on, in demo mode or if stopped.
  • Added OBS overlay window for chat.
  • New dashboard design.
  • Added demo mode - reads only few words of non-subscribers.
  • Added chat @nickname highlighting if someone calls the streamer.
  • A new Polish male voice: Krystian.
  • Added admin section to manage and ban troll users (admin)
  • If "less spam" is checked - script will skip reading after 250 characters, or if someone will spam the same word more than 5 times.
  • Skip message, and clear queue options added. Auto clear after queue reach 50.
  • Added simple SPAM filter.
  • Added changes in saying of some words.
  • Added queue detecting if the lector speaks - it does not interrupt even long speeches.
  • Automatic suspension detection: if there is no message for few minutes - the TTS system will perform restart.
  • Added moderator and subscriber detection
  • Some minor fixes
  • Added translation script.
  • New fonts.
  • New pause / play system.
  • Skip and Skip all options added
  • Now You can use Play/Pause by pressing [Spacebar] or use skip pressing [Enter].
  • Settings are now remembered (volume and other checkbox).
  • Pause and Stop system improvements.

Available MP3 emoticons

After entering one of the following phrases, assigned MP3 will be played aloud - it requires a subscription to use.

Universal emotes:
GOWKratos, MarioCoin, CartoonPow, DuckKwa, CatMeow, DukeNukenRip, TerminatorBack, SoulsDie, SadMusic, SadTromb, badJoke, WeAreVenom.
Special Polish emots:
GohaNje, JanuszKiedys, MazurNieZaleca, Kontrolowejsyjnego, TamPoprostuToBadz, PowiedzMiTowTwarz.

Quick manual

  1. First, run stream on Twitch.
  2. Next, in the field Select TTS language - select the language in which the reader will be reading (the same, that is used by people on the selected stream).
  3. Enter the value from 1 to 9 in the Volume field. To change the volume during work, return to main page with back button and change the value. The other parameters should be remembered, so just press start again.
  4. Twitch channel name - enter the name of channel e.g.: #carrioner You may also put only carrioner.
  5. After clicking on Start reading replies if everything is ok, the chat will be displayed and read aloud.
  6. If there are no replies in the chat yet, wait for the first person to answer or write something yourself like: "Hello everyone". The system should after a while load the first message as soon as it appears.
  7. If, however a "not found or offline" error appears, it means that the system has not found such channel or it is offline now - please check if You have provided the correct name.
  8. Of course, for the TTS system to work, the page must remain open, but you can leave it somewhere in the background tab or minimized. (Please note that in some browsers, when you minimize or switch to a background tab, you may experience delays in reading and more frequent cutting of sentences. If your computer is heavily loaded, it may stop reading in the background. For the best experience, leave the tab with TTS in the foreground).