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Recover and manage your ID.

If DCR tools does not work correctly (various ID in OBS and in DCR) or you have changed your browser or device and You want to recover all settings, GIF & MP3 - here You will find a solution. You can add a new device with the same ID too (to manage OBS from different places).

If You restore older ID - note that all current settings my be deleted, to prevent this, copy and save current ID "just in case":   

Restore association with OBS based on current links id parameter.

Enter old ID from OBS link:


  1. Do it only when Your OBS links ID is not the same as current ID in DCR.
  2. Open properties of OBS window with eg. upvote notifications.
  3. Find Your ID in URL, for eg.
  4. Put ID in input above and click restore.
  5. If the system finds such an ID and associated settings - it will apply the change.
  6. If DCR does not find your old ID, unfortunately You have to set everything up again and replace links in OBS for new ones.

Reset Your ID (eg. if someone could have seen it).


  1. Perform a reset if someone could have seen your ID.
  2. Press reset. All settings will be deleted and your ID will change to random.
  3. Set your MP3s and GIFs again. Insert new links to OBS.