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Elite options for streamers and V.I.P's.

Note, that You can sometimes see and hear different upvote notifications. Some elite users (e.g. dlive, carrioner or zygibo) have their own animations and sound, independently of those set in DCR Tools. You can find below a "price list" and some simple rules for that certain individual settings.

Options based on the "Steem delegation" are not real token transfers. Delegation is a temporary borrowing of the voice power. These funds remain Your property and You can withdraw them at any time (7 days cooldown). You may allso donate selected amount in SBD if You want - Your settings remain permanent and I can make then animation by myself for You then.

In order that individual options (like sound, or animation) do not become annoying or do not make a fuss, it is important that these options remain "elite". They are therefore mainly intended for well known, recognizable streamers. In addition - all custom animations should contain something that users recognize and associate with You!

Elite Elite

Your individual notification and sound
Works on every stream that uses DCR Tools, when You give an upvote.

Custom GIF

100 SP   delegate or   50 SBD transfer

Custom GIF & MP3

500 SP delegate or   250 SBD transfer

Instructions and some rules

  1. Delegate / donate to account zygibo selected amout of Steem. You can delegate or donate by click on selected SP price.
  2. Conntact me on Discord (zygibo#2257) and send me Your files (GIF / MP3).
  3. Your GIF should contain recognizable logo, name or face - this should not be a random animation (So that other Streamers would not be unpleasantly surprised what happened).
  4. MP3 file should be shorter than 10s and this should be sound effect (not voice).
  5. Your individual settings will remain active, until You undelegate Your SP. Settings are permanent if You donate SBD.
  6. Your may change animation or sound by send me new files.