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Decentralized Chat Reader & Tools

DCR Tools is one of the firsts "StreamLabs" like applications for Steem blockchain (works for eg. with Includes all types of windows overlay compatible with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and XSplit. DCR Tools are easy to use and does not require any passwords. Just enter username - the app will generate secure ID and You will be able to use chat with TTS, upvote and tip notifications, counters and many other tools right away!

Select TTS language
Choose the same language, that people use in the on selected stream.


Enter number from 0 to 9 to adjust volume of TTS reading and notifications. Default setting is 7.

if stream is Your last post on Steemit, You should enter only the username (script will load last post). Else, use full link to post on Steemit. Alternatively You may enter two last segments from link: (not recommended).


Custom upvote text
Optional: You can enter custom text that will be read aloud with animation, when upvote apear (e.g. username thanks for upvote!). Max. characters is limited to 30.

Chose your sound and animation
You can upload Your own mp3 and gif files. Your animation and sound will be played when someone upvote. You can also leave it empty, then default upvote notification will be displayed.

  Upload upvote MP3   Upload upvote GIF

     Upload donate MP3   Upload donate GIF

If You want to change video or other animation to GIF:

TTS Voice and audio options
Turn on nick reading in TTS
If You check this box, lector will read names with messages aloud (not only messages).

TTS reader for browser window is always ready to launch
Recommended way to use TTS for chat. Button for launch TTS lector window in this internet browser is available on any time in next step, after saving the settings. It also have volume, pause & skip control.

Turn on TTS for Off-chain chat directly in OBS window*
Option for TTS directly in OBS. Do not use it, when You have many scenes in OBS - it can cause to double voice effect ect. It is not recommended. Use independent TTS in this internet browser window instead.

*Not recommended: Leave this option turned off if You have many scenes in OBS. It is better to use TTS in a browser window.
Turn off comments TTS
If You check this box, the comments from steemit or not be read aloud. You will only receive upvote notifications, with animation and selected sound.

Turn off upvote TTS (mp3 stays)
If You check this box, upvote notification will only play MP3 without voice.

Turn off donate TTS (mp3 stays)
>If You check this box, donate notification will only play MP3 without voice.

Turn off followers counter click
If You check this box, new followers count will not generate pop sound

Turn off MP3 sounds for upvotes and tip
If You check this box, upvote and tip notification will not be played.

Skins: choose or make Your own appearance of elements in OBS









WhiteMagic new

You can generate own skin in  Custom CSS editor  
Tools will load automaticly the newest post from steemit base on provided @username. If stream isn't Your last entry on steemit - put full link or user/permlink to load post from that link, excluding newer ones.

New domain for DCR Tools - v 2.81.

  • TTS works again (due to heavy traffic it was baned by Responsivevoice API at old damain)
  • Note, that if You are moving from version - all settings have to be set again. The links to OBS and Your ID number are also different.
  • End support for Vimm and Lino chats. Those platforms are young and are just developing, every day there are some changes that make it necessary to customize the script. Unfortunately I did not have time for that, sorry).

Lino support. DCR Tools works with chat now! v 2.76.

  • Added support for new Lino Dlive chat.
  • Lino tips show up on chat now.
  • Added the MP3 disable button for Lino donations on chat.
  • Font and avatar adjustments.
  • Support for new emoticons on Vimm chat has been added.

End of the World Dlive - DCR Tools for v 2.64.

  • It is not possible for DCR tools to work with Dlive after They changing the blockchain (24.09.2018).
  • Added support for - I suggest moving Your streams there.
  • Added Vimm chat winndow for OBS.
  • TTS support for chat.
  • Added chat @nickname highlighting if someone calls the streamer.

Make donations great again! DCR Tools with Tip Goal v 2.59.

  • New link with overlay window for OBS: Donates Goal bar
  • The ability to set the message, starting and ending value of the goal.
  • Steem and SBD donations support.
  • Added other sounds for followers counter depending on whether someone adds or remove a follow.
  • Small improvments in the "turn off" options.
  • I got rid of the confusion options that turn off the sound completely (because it's easier to turn off the windows in OBS).
  • Added an option to disable TTS in donations.
  • A new Polish male voice: Krystian. support. DCR Tools works with DTV now! v 2.50.

  • All elements (except Dlive off-chain chat) have been tested and work with the new DTV stream application from
  • Just like in the case of Dlive, just enter nickname and start stream on After saving the settings you will receive OBS links to comments, upvote, tip and followers.

Total customization! DCR Tools with CSS editor v 2.42.

  • Custom CSS editor - added possibility to change almost every element of overflow OBS windows.
  • Added RGBA and HEX color picker in editor.
  • Added tips, trikes and elements of the example code in editor
  • New WhiteMagic skin
  • New system for coloring chat names. Now all the letters (not only first) generate color and there is twice much color possibilities now.
  • Added tip how to turn off chat nickname coloring using the CSS editor.
  • Added random skin generator in custom CSS editor.

Sound emoticons working on the Dlive chat - DCR Tools v 2.25.

  • New uptade adds a new sounds available to our viewers (MP3 emots). They only work if someone has an account on Steemit, so it should make it easier to persuade Dlive guests to open normal accounts :)
  • List of emots for now (just write it on chat):
    GOWKratos, MarioCoin, CartoonPow, DuckKwa, CatMeow, DukeNukenRip, TerminatorBack, SoulsDie, SadMusic, SadTromb, badJoke.
  • Improvements of code and repair some errors related to mistakenly double reading in TTS.
  • New default animations and sounds for upvotes and tips.
  • Chat no longer reads the names again, if the same person is still writing.
  • Fixing a bug - banning works even if we choose reading names.
  • Two new mp3 emots for Polish streamers: JanuszKiedys, GochaNje

Finally! Make Dlive Chat Reading again! - DCR Tools v 2.16.

  • New off-chain chat system with TTS :)
  • Option to switch on/off TTS for chat.
  • Colors for different nicks on chat (like on Twitch).
  • Dlive Gift Donate improvements.
  • Option to turn on TTS reading for Steemians only (without Dlive-guests).
  • Option to manage ID and make a settings recovery using ID from OBS links.
  • Added queue for Off-chain chat, and script for mp3 emots.
  • More intuitive dashboard and buttons design for better clarity.
  • Added option to test upvote notifications in OBS.
  • Added admin section to manage and ban troll users (admin)
  • The program remembers the settings in cookies now (volume and other checkboxes)
  • Automatic refreshing of OBS links after detecting changes in settings or new streams starts beta
  • Improved notification system for tips. Added test options in OBS and protection in case of a broken connection to steem.

Welcome to the "Elite" - DCR Tools v 1.96.

  • Made system of automatic load of the latest stream on Dlive - there is no need to press save button every stream until we do not want to change the settings.
  • Added upvote TTS mute - upvote notification will only play MP3 without TTS voice.
  • New elite options for well known and recognizeble streamers.
  • Added Donate notifications (work in progres - not always work, may have 1-2 min delay).
  • Set custom GIF animation for Dlive upvotes.
  • Added SBD calculating to upvote animation.
  • If stream is your last post - You may now use only username instead entire link.
  • Upvote animation text is now skin colored with new fancy "wave text" animation.

Convenient and permanent OBS links - version 1.85.

  • New link for OBS with followers counter.
  • Added off-chain chat new color for upvotes and donations.
  • Four new skins "Lite", "GrayJoy", "Blacco" and "DViolet".
  • Links are now permanent, build on unique ID for browser. There will be no need to change links in OBS, if You are using the same device for displaying this page all the time.
  • Chat's, comment's and upvoter's links works now in almost every resolution, change size and proportions like You like.
  • Added small steemit logo in comments winndow. The viewers will know where to write for TTS reading.
  • New browser policy has forced new attempt. Now the sounds will be sent directly by the corresponding links to OBS, not play in this window - this page is no longer needed to stay open in foreground.
  • Completely eliminated the need to click anything to make the sounds play correctly.
  • Problems with upvote synchronization (sound and animation) are eliminated.
  • Added mute button.
  • The new instruction has been written.

Divide and conquer - introducing version 1.52.

  • Added the "New Dlive OFF-Chain" chat room link for OBS (without TTS)
  • The previous chat is now displaying recent comments from Steemit about streaming post. It still supports TTS.
  • I have reconstructed everything. First of all I separated comment reading scripts from upvote as two separate ones. It solved many conflicts and simplified complex queues.
  • Synchronization between the sound of upvote and animation in OBS should become much more accurate.
  • Significant changes in the resources needed and reduced chance of system suspensions.
  • Comments & chat should stop disappearing from time to time.
  • In addition, I considerably simplified the refresh mechanism, which now reacts only as the sum of the blocks will change. Does not reload all the time whole content from the blockchain now.

Skins, rolled upvoters bar and other improvements in Version 1.30.

  • Added skins for OBS. And interaction switch for new browser audio policy.
  • Improvements to the reloading system to prevent loops and to prevent the chat from disappearing for a few seconds.
  • Change steem dollars to upvote % because it more encourages upvoters to give more. It makes no sense to show who is richer.
  • Added "chat reading only mode" - TTS chat without upvote notifications.
  • Added Upvote notification queue (sometimes an upvotes added at the same time was not displayed)
  • Added new OBS link for animated, auto-scrolled bar full of Upvoters and given % - see film.

Chat window, GIF & MP3 Upvote notifications and links for OBS in version 1.19!

  • Script remembers now recently used language and custom upvote text.
  • Added possibility to test upvote animation in OBS.
  • All options can now be set on the main page.
  • You can add now the custom text to upvote notification animation.
  • Repaired bug with a double voice in OBS. Now the links to the chat window and notifications are silent so that you can get sound from the browser and manage it.
  • Added upvote notification only mode, for Streamers who only want notifications, without reading a chat aloud.

Introducing jQuery - OBS Ready version 1.15

  • OBS links integration - see film.
  • Added Chat window (last 3 messages) and upvote animation for OBS.
  • Introduced jQuery. From today, the chat will not reload like crazy for every 3 sec. This will open new possibilities for integration with OBS.
  • Chat reader has been rewritten in 60% from php to javascript - it should be much faster now.

Now it will work quickly: news in v0.99

  • Created automatic loading of the next message in the queue after detecting the end of reading. That massively increases the dynamics of operation with a large number of short messages and also eliminates the problem of cutting long messages.
  • Changed order in upvote notifications: first the mp3 is played, then the lector says who gave upvote.

Upvote notifications! - new features in v0.85

  • Repaired uploading of mp3 files on Firefox. Now is working :)
  • Done a protection that generates a unique ID for the browser so that no one else can replace mp3 during the stream.
  • Added upvote notifications with custom mp3.

Short instructions

  1. First, put Your Username. System will automaticly load the newest dlive stream if You start it (You may also put user/permlink to turn on monitoring of other selected Steemit post).

  2. Next, select preferred language, volume, put custom upvote text (or live it empty) and select the skin.
  3. After clicking on Save settings and get links You will see dashboard with message "Settings for selected post have been saved". Click on selected post link to check if it link to proper one.
  4. In Dashboard there are allso links that should be entered into the OBS as the "browser source". Follow the instructions in the hints (they show up when you hover over a ).
  5. If You want to have chat read aloud by TTS lector click TTS for chat in browser button available in dashboard.
  6. To change settings during work, return to main page with Change settings button, change the values and just press Save settings again. Changes will be send to OBS sources automatically and obs overlays will be automaticly reloaded.

  7. System will read upvote with name of upvoter, custom animation and mp3 notification witch You can load to OBS. You can change default sound and gif by upload Your own files. You may do that by clicking Upload Your own MP3 for UpVote button (film instructions here).
  8. To play sound and notifications this page is no longer needed to stay open in foreground, but I recommend to live it open to quickly change settings like volume.